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How to Use SUVIDHA App for Electricity-SBPDCL and NBPDCL


Suvidha App is an official application of SBPDCL and NBPDCL for their services. You can avail most services through this app like application for new electricity connection etc. In this article, we will discuss all the features of Suvidha app and how to use it. You can download the app from play store by searching “Suvidha” or click here to download.


First of all, I will tell you all the feature or services that you can avail through Suvidha app. Then I will discuss how you can use all services through this app.

Suvidha App Features or Services

  • Application  for new electricity connection
  • Electricity bill information and payment
  • Register and update mobile number/email
  • Rectification of bill’s address
  • Application to reduce/enhance load
  • Application for rooftop solar net metering
  • Go green/E-bill option
  • Application for disconnection of electricity connection

How to Use the Suvidha App

Now we will discuss all the above features in detail how you can use it? The first one which is Application for new electricity connection is the most important feature. Because the offline application for new electricity connection is now closed.

To use the Suvidha app first you have to download it from play store. Click here to download the app.

Application  for new electricity connection

To apply for new electricity connection first open the app and click on ” नए विद्युत् सम्बन्ध हेतु आवेदन “. Now a pop-up will appear which shows new connection application requirement. Read the requirement and click on ” OK, Apply Now”. Now different pages of the form will open the first one is basic details.

Basic Details

Select your district from the dropdown and enter your 10 digits mobile number and click on “Send OTP”.Suvidha_App_New_Connection_Form

In the next screen, enter the OTP received as a text message and select the connection type from the dropdown.

Suvidha_APP_Connection_typeIn the dropdown, you need to choose the connection type as agriculture, domestic, commercial or industrial as per your requirement. Then go down the form and fill other details like applicant name, fathers name, address etc.

further below you will find a box where you need to enter load and select the phase of connection required. According to your requirement, you can choose load as 1, 2, 5 or 10kW whatever is your requirement. then choose the phase as single-phase or three-phase.


After filling the relevant detail check the box in the bottom left of the page and click on “Next”. A pop-up will appear to submit details. Here click on “Submit & Proceed”. Again a pop-up will appear which will show that your basic details are saved. It also shows a request number generated. You should save the request number for future use.

Applicant Photo

When you click OK after submitting the basic details in the suvidha app you will be redirected to the next page. Where you find an option to take a photo. Here you need to take your photo or selfie.Suvidha_App_Take_photo

When you click on “Take Photo” your camera will be opened. Now click on “Next” after taking photo or selfie. It will further prompt you to proceed then click on proceed.

Ownership Proof

After taking photo app will redirect to the next page. Here you have to take residence ownership proof photo(either first page or front side). Again click on next and take residence ownership proof photo(either last page or backside).


Here you have to take the photo of property ownership proof where you want a new electricity connection.

Identity Proof

In the next page, you have to take the photo of any identity proof. First, select the identity proof from the dropdown then click the photo of the front side of the ID. Similarly in the next page take backside photo of the same ID card.

Here you can use any of your ID card like voter card, driving license, aadhar card, passport, ration card etc.

Address Proof

Here also same as ownership proof you need to upload the front and backside photo of address proof. But before taking a photo you have to select the name of address proof. A list is already there just choose from the dropdown.

Final Submit

Now after filling all details and uploading the proper documents, you will reach the final submit page. Here you need to check the box of “I understand” and click on final submit. It will prompt you to keep the application request no. for future communication. Now click on submit.Suvidha_App_Final_Submit

Here you get a success pop-up. Now it is done. your application for new electricity connection is finally submitted through Suvidha App.

Check Your Application Status

Now after successfully submitting your application, you will be worried about its status. So you can check the status of your application in the Suvidha app itself.Suvidha-app-application-status

To check the status click on “अपने आवेदन की स्थिति जानें “. Now enter your request number and click on Get Status. Another way to check the status is, go to this link and click on view status.

Electricity Bill Information and Payment

The second feature of suvidha app is that you can check your electricity bill and pay it directly from the app. To pay or view your electricity bill click on “बिजली बिल की जानकारी एवं भुगतान “. Now you have two options, Instant bill payment and View bill, receipt & payment.


Instant Bill Payment

By clicking on Instant Bill payment you can pay your bill. Just enter your CA number or Consumer ID and click on PAY DETAILS. It will fetch your basic details and payable amount. Now enter your mobile number and email ID(optional) and click on pay bill. Further, follow the instruction and complete the payment.

View Bill, Receipt & Payment

The second option is view bill, receipt & payment. Through this option, you can add your consumer Id or CA number and check your monthly bill and payment receipts every month. After verifying your electricity bill, here you can check your bill every month without entering CA or Consumer Id.

Register and Update Mobile Number/Email

Through this option, you can register your mobile number or email Id. If already registered you can also update the mobile number or email Id.

To do this click on “मोबाइल न./ईमेल रजिस्टर एवं अपडेट करना “.  Now enter your CA number or Consumer Id and click on fetch details.


Here you will get two option Update Mobile and Update Email. Select one of them and enter the mobile number or email id according to your selection. Further, enter the OTP and verify or follow the instruction.

Rectification of Bill’s Address

Through this option, you can rectify the minor mistakes in name and address. If there is any typing mistake in your address then also you can request to rectify.

To do this click on “बिल में अंकित पता में संसोधन “. Now enter your CA number or Consumer Id and click on fetch details. Further, follow the instruction. Here Suvidha app is very helpful. You do not need to go to the office for this.

Application to Reduce/Enhance Load

With the help of Suvidha app, you can also apply for reduction or enhancement of load. The process is very similar like features.

Application for Rooftop Solar Net Metering

Friends, Rooftop solar net metering system is a way through which you can supply power to your utility. Yes, it is right. Let me explain, If you have installed a solar panel then you can get it connected to your utility. It will be connected to the utility through a net meter. Which will measure the total unit supplied to the utility.

Whatever be the unit generated by your solar panel and supplied to the utility will be adjusted in your electricity bill. Obviously there are some rules regarding the adjustment of the supplied unit. But certainly, it will reduce your bill.

So here from the Suvidha app you can apply for the rooftop solar net metering. The process is very similar to the above features.

Go Green/E-bill Option

This is a great initiative to save the tree and our environment. In the Suvidha app, there is an option to opt e-bill or go green. After opting for go green service no paper bill will be served to the consumer by the meter reader.Suvidha_App_Go_Green Under this scheme bill will be provided to the consumer on his/her mobile number or email Id.

Application for Disconnection of Electricity Connection

The last option is the disconnection of electricity connection. If you want to surrender your electricity connection then you can apply from the app. The application process is very simple just click on “वर्तमान विद्युत् सम्बन्ध विच्छेद हेतु आवेदन “.  Further, follow the instruction.


Although we have discussed all the features of Suvidha app which is an official app of SBPDCL and NBPDCL. The most important feature of the app is the application for new electricity connection. Not only the important feature but it is the most used feature also. Because the offline application for new electricity connection is now closed.

For payment and view the bill you can also use this app. for online payment there are many ways. But as it is an official app so I recommend this app. There is also another official app for payment of electricity bill of SBPDCL and  NBPDCL is BBBP app. You can read more about the BBBP app here.

You can also watch the below video

I hope you liked the article. If you have any doubts or suggestion please comment below and share with your friends. It will help me a lot. Thank you.

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