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Electricity Unit Rate In Bihar 2023-2024 For All Categories

June 22, 2023 // 1 Comment

Unit Rate in Bihar -2023-2024 Introduction Understanding unit rates of electricity bills was never easy due to its complex tariff plans. There are different tariff plans for different categories and their slab rates are also different. But this complexity will be no more after reading this article. ...Read More

BLDC Fans vs Normal Fans: A Comprehensive Comparison

March 8, 2023 // 3 Comments

BLDC Fans vs Normal Fans: The world of fans has come a long way from the traditional fans we once knew. With the advent of technology, fans have become more efficient, powerful, and longer-lasting. The Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) fans are the latest addition to this ever-evolving world of fans. ...Read More

New UPPCL Electricity Tariff-2022-2023. UPPCL Unit Rate 22-23

December 31, 2022 // 0 Comments

UPPCL Electricity Tariff-2022-2023 Electricity pricing is also referred to as electricity tariff. In India, electricity tariff is different in each state. And it is getting revised every year by the regulatory commission of that state. Today we will discuss the UPPCL electricity tariff 2022-20223 ...Read More

How to Check Electricity Bill Amount on Phone and Pay Online

October 27, 2020 // 0 Comments

How to Check Electricity Bill Amount on Phone and Pay Online. Yes in the current digital world, you can do almost everything online. You can pay all types of bills online through your mobile or PC. In a similar way, you can also check the electricity bill amount and pay your electricity bill ...Read More
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