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How to Check Meter Reading of Single Phase Digital Electricity Meter?


Meter Reading of Single Phase Digital Electricity Meter?

Friends, Nowadays almost every consumer of electricity has a digital meter installed. Earlier there was a mechanical meter that used to show only meter reading that is kWh. But the present digital meter shows many parameters other than unit consumption. Such as Unit(kWh), kVAh reading, Maximum Demand(MD or kW), Power Factor(PF), Voltage, Current, etc. Which may confuse you in checking the actual reading.

Before we discuss the display parameter of the digital meter, we will know some important information given on the meter body. To understand all parameters we will take the example of Genus single phase digital electricity meter.

Important Parameters on the Digital Meter Body:

In the below image, you can see a genus single-phase meter. Here I have encircled the important information and parts. These are equally important as meter reading detail. Now let’s discuss all these one by one.

Genus single phase meter body details

1. Meter Serial Number:

Meter serial number is a unique number provided by the manufacturer. In the above image, you can see the meter serial number in the encircled box no-1. This number is also mentioned on your electricity bill.

2. Calibration LED and Calibration Constant:

In the  2nd encircled box, you can see an LED. “CAL” is written below the LED which indicates that it is a calibration LED. it blinks according to the load connected with the meter. Blinking speed will be higher if more numbers of appliances are running. When you turn off some of them the blinking speed will also decrease.

Besides the calibration LED, there is a number written 3200 imp/kWh.  This means that during 1 unit of consumption the LED will blink 3200 times. This number is the calibration constant. It may be different for the different electricity meters.

3. LCD Display:

 Every digital meter has an LCD display where you can see the meter reading. In the above image, I have encircled in box no-3.

4. Push Button:

Encircled box no-4 shows the push button. With the help of push-button, you can see the different reading parameters in the LCD display.

Now let’s discuss the reading parameter. In most of the meters, you can view the meter reading in two different modes.

  1. Auto Mode
  2. Push Mode

Auto Mode:

Almost all the meter automatically scrolls the important reading parameters. If you look into the LCD display it will automatically show some important parameters one by one. This is auto mode.

Push Mode:

In push mode, you can check more reading parameters by pressing the push button.  In comparison to the auto mode, you can see more parameters. So if you want to explore the meter reading in-depth you should check in push-button mode otherwise auto mode is enough to just match the parameter from your bill.

Now we will see the display parameter sequence-wise in both auto mode and push-button mode.

Meter Reading in Auto Mode:

Auto Mode- Genus Single Phase Digital Meter

1. LCD Test:

LCD Display TestThis shows the total display segments that the LCD display can show. It is called LCD check or LCD test. In the image, you can see the LCD test. There is no parameter in this option to consider. It just shows that the LCD display is working or not.

2. Meter Serial Number:

Meter Serial number

This is the serial number of the meter, which is provided by the manufacturer. You can find the same number on your meter body and electricity bill.

3. Time:


Now it shows the present time.

4. Date:

Date in genus single phase meterHere you can see the present date.

5. Previous month last day reading (kWh):

Previous month meter reading kWhHere it shows the unit consumption in kWh up to last month. Suppose you are checking the reading in the month of August-2021, then the reading shown here is reading up to midnight of 31st

Note:  Here in the display BP indicates that it is a billing parameter and 1 indicates that it is the data of the previous month. If here “2” is written instead of “1” then this value would be for one month ago. That is if we are checking the reading in the month of August-2021, then it would be the data of June-2021.

 6. Average PF:

Average Power factor in genus digital meterNow the meter is showing the average power factor of last month. That is if you are checking the meter reading in the month of august-2021, then it is the average power factor of July-2021.

Note: Here also the BP and 1 indicate that it is the data of the previous month and it is a billing parameter.

7. Previous month Maximum Demand (kW):

Maximum demand in genus meterHere it shows the maximum demand for the previous month. It means the maximum load used at a time (Average of 15 min or 30 min, may be different for different meters) through the meter in the previous month. 

8. Previous Month last day reading (kVAh) :

Previous month kVAh readingHere it shows the unit consumption in kVAh up to last month’s last day at midnight. kVAh reading is usually used in industrial and high-value consumer billing. kVAh reading is always higher than kWh or it may be equal to kWh if PF is 1.

9. Previous Month Power-On hour:

Previous month Power-ON hourIt shows the total duration for which power supply was available to the meter. Here the value is very less because our meter was not in use. In your case, it may be up to 744 hours.

10. Voltage:

Instantaneous VoltageHere you can see the instantaneous voltage. In our case, it is 243.26 Volt.

11. Phase Current:

Instantaneous Phase CurrentIt is the instantaneous phase current. At present, my meter shows 4 Ampere. It means total load connected with the meter collectively drawing 4 Ampere. In the display, you can see FU441E G

12. Neutral Current:

Instantaneous neutral CurrentHere is the instantaneous neutral current. Ideally, the phase current and neutral current should be the same. But it may be different if there is any earth leakage or fault in the wiring.

13. Present Meter Reading (kWh):

Present meter reading kWhNow in the display meter shows the present meter reading in kWh. This is not a history or previous month’s detail.  As you can see in the display there is no “1” or “2” written. It means it is the present reading.

14. Present kVAh reading:

Present kVAh readingHere it shows the present kVAh reading. Again it is not a history parameter. It shows the updated kVAh consumption.

15. Display off:

Display Blank for 30 SecAfter scrolling all the above parameters display goes off for 30 sec. After 30 Sec again it will scroll the all reading parameters.

Meter Reading in Push Button Mode:

In the push button mode, you can see some extra parameters. If you start checking the parameters it will show exactly the same parameters as in auto mode. After the 14 parameters as discussed in auto mode, Some more instantaneous meter reading parameters will be shown. Here are the details of them.

1. Present Month Maximum Demand:

Present Month Maximum demandThis is the maximum demand for the current month. That is the maximum load connected within the present month. Earlier in the auto mode (Sr. no-7), it was the previous month’s maximum demand.

2. Present month power ON hour:

Present month power ON hourHere you can see the total power ON hour of the present month. (In auto mode it was the previous month’s power ON hour (Sr. no-9)).

3. Instant Load:

Instant LoadHere you can see the instantaneous load running through the meter. Here in our case, it is 0.975 kW.

4. Instant Power Factor:

Instant PFNow, this shows the instantaneous power factor of the meter.

5. Supply Frequency:

Supply FrequencyHere it shows the supply frequency. In India supply frequency is 50Hz. So here you can see it is 49.975 Hz in our

Other than this you can also check temper count in the push button mode.  I think these details of the meter reading parameter are good enough to understand your consumption, Load, Power Factor, etc.

I have also recorded a video to understand the meter reading. Below is the video, you can watch it.

I have also recorded separate videos for different types of meters. Here is the link you can watch them.

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 You can also get more valuable videos about the electricity bill, Meter reading on my YouTube channel  Zaroori Baatein.

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  1. I have Genus 3 phase meter and it shows cumkwh 8425 AND T1-1890, T2-2105, T3-759518, T4-1289. Is it normal. I doubt that T3 is abnormal. Reply as soon as possible.

  2. Excellent article. Thank you for publishing.

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