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How to Apply for New Electricity Connection Online or Offline?

How to apply for new electricity connection

New Electricity Connection. Friends today, we will discuss how to apply for a new electricity connection, either online or offline. We will discuss the complete procedure step by step. Such as where you should apply, what are the documents required for a new electricity connection. What are the charges you need to pay? Also, the reason for the rejection of a new electricity connection.

In the present era, we can not imagine life without electricity. So whenever we buy a new home or a shop or any property we need an electricity connection there. If you start an industry or a business, you need electricity, and you have to get an electricity connection.

How to apply for New Electricity Connection?

You can apply both ways, either online or offline. At present, almost all the distribution companies provide the facility to get an electricity connection online. If the electricity office is near to you, you may choose to apply offline. But if you are far away from the electricity office, you will select online mode. Now we should know the process to apply. First, we will discuss how to apply for an electricity connection online.

The Process to Apply for New Electricity Connection Online

  • Open your distribution company website

    First of all, you need to open the official website of your distribution company. Suppose that I am from Bihar, and my distribution company is SBPDCL(South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited). Then I will open its official website You need to open your distribution company website.

New Electricity connection_Website_open

  • Search for New connection Tab

    After opening the website, you need to search for a tab or button for a “new connection.” It might be with another name like “apply for new connection” or something like this. You need to open that link or tab.

    Electricity Connection online_Search new connection tab

    or  Electricity Connection online


when you open the link of the new connection, you may be asked for the type of connection you want to apply for or something else. just you need to follow the page direction and fill the details.

  • Fill the Form

After that, a form will open. You have to fill the following details in the form:

  1. Name of the person and his father’s name who is applying for the connection.
  2. Details of proper category and load. Such as Domestic, commercial, or industrial, etc. and loads like 1kW or 5 kW, etc.
  3. Fill the address of the applicant and address of premises where the connection is required.
  4. Details of existing connection in the premises, if any.
  5. Upload the required documents.
  • Documents Required for the New Electricity Connection

You need to submit the three types of documents

  1. Your Identity Proof.
  2. Your address proof and
  3. Document of ownership if premises owned by you. Or in case of rent/lease, rent/lease deed, and no objection certificate of the landlord to take electricity connection.
  • Submit and Pay the Application Fee

After uploading the supporting documents, you have to submit and pay the application fee. Now your request for the new connection of electricity is submitted.

Now the people from the electricity office will verify the premises. If everything is fine, then they will approve your application. And then they will install a meter to your premises, and now you can use electricity.

The Process to Apply for New Electricity Connection Offline

  • Visit Utility Office

    New Electricity Connection Form

First of all, you have to visit the nearest office of the distribution company. Then you need to ask for the application form for a new connection. There may be a special counter for the same. Collect the application form from there.

  • Fill the Form

Now fill the form in the same way as we have discussed above in case of filling online.

  • Documents Required

Now before submitting the form to the office, you need to attach the relevant documents with form. But it is also the same as we discussed in the case of online. You need to attach the copies of these documents.

  • Submit the Application Form

Finally, you have to submit the filled form with all attachments. When you submit the application, you have to pay the application fee. Must collect the receipt of the application.

Now the people from the electricity office will verify the premises. If everything is fine, then they will approve your application. And then they will install a meter to your premises, and now you can use electricity.

Reason for the Rejection of New Electricity Connection

There are many reasons due to which your application can be rejected are as follows:

  1. If there is an amount due from the previous connection, which was in the same premises, you applied for.
  2. When there is no electrical network available near your premises, you applied for.
  3. If there are any constraints regarding load or anything connection is not feasible there technically.
  4. All the required documents to be attached to the application, or it may lead to rejection.

Charges you need to pay for New Electricity Connection

  1. Application fee.
  2. Security money.
  3. Estimate cost.

Generally, the meter is supplied by the distribution company. So, they charge the meter rent in your bill.

I hope you liked the article. If you have any doubts or suggestion, please comment below and share with your friends. It will help me a lot. Thank you.

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